Calling for Reinforcements

Cement-stabilized sand is often used as a base product where soil conditions demand additional reinforcement to secure and strengthen concrete. The mix design is composed of cement, sand, and water to provide strength and stability. It’s ideal for road work and highway infrastructure, airport runways, retaining walls, blanket wraps for utility pipelines, storm sewers, and other backfilling and bedding applications where the soil may be weak, fine, or slow draining.

Given the soil conditions along the Gulf Coast, you might say our team members at Modern Concrete & Materials have become experts when it comes to determining the best stabilized sand mix design to counteract poor or slow draining soil.

Why is Soil Stabilization Important?

Construction requires solid ground! If the soil is too wet, weak, or fine it can present a major challenge. Modifying the soil with a stabilized sand mix design reduces its plasticity, aids in compaction, and increases its strength to support roadways, pipelines, and the like.

Ask us if stabilized sand is the right concrete mix design for your next project!