Fast-Track Concrete Construction with High Early Strength (HES) Concrete

Modern Concrete & Materials is an advocate for fast-setting HES concrete mix designs that consist of commercial grade blends of Portland cement, sand, and gravel. It is especially advantageous for pouring new or repairing existing high traffic roadways, runways, sidewalks, patios and floors.

Say G’Bye to the Waiting Game

With this concrete mix design, there is virtually no waiting game. High-traffic areas can be completed and opened in as little as 4 hours or within 24 hours compared to extended waiting times with normal or conventional concrete mix designs.

With a compressive strength of 4,000 PSI and a low water-to-cement ratio (water-reducing admixture, plus calcium chloride to accelerate set/cure time), HES concrete has rapid strength gain, reaching full strength within 28 days.

With Modern Concrete & Materials, production is on-site and you will only pay for what we pour, minimizing waste and allowing your investment to go further.

Is Fast Setting Concrete Weaker Than Normal Concrete?

No! Our fast setting, high early strength (HES) concrete mixes are designed to reach 4,000 PSI at 28 days. Just because the concrete sets up faster, does not mean it will be weaker.

Ask us if HES concrete is the right mix design to speed up your next concrete project!