Backfilling with Flowable Fill has Never Been Easier or More Affordable

Flowable fill is a self-leveling, self-compacting controlled low-strength material composed of cement, aggregate, water, and admixtures. It is an excellent mix design choice for backfilling utility lines, trenches, and retaining walls; encasing tunnels, pipes or other conduits; bridge abutments; and filling voids, including wells, mines, and sewer lines.

Lean, Mean, & Saves You Green

At Modern Concrete & Materials, we believe flowable fill has numerous advantages. As a controlled density concrete mixture that doesn’t attain strength over 200 PSI, it does not form voids during placement and does not settle or rut under loading. In fact, because it is placed quickly and is self-leveling, it can support traffic loads within a few hours of being placed. This  minimizes road closures, equipment needs, and labor time, making your project investment go that much further.

Meanwhile, flowable fill exceeds the strength and durability of compacted soil or other granular fills, which often require extensive field testing; but it’s not so strong that it cannot be excavated in the future.

Flowable fill can be poured in any-weather and is versatile in composition where we can adapt the mix design to meet your project’s specific requirements. And with on-site production, you will only pay only for what we pour.


Ask us if flowable fill is the right concrete mix design for your next project!