Frequently Asked Questions

Questions? We Don’t Blame You. Concrete Just Keeps Getting Harder & Harder…

At Modern Concrete & Materials, as concrete experts we’re here to answer all of your questions. We might even crack a joke or two. If you have a question that is not answered below, contact us, and we will be happy to address it.

How Much Concrete Can Modern Concrete & Materials Deliver?

Modern Concrete & Materials can deliver 1-10 yards of concrete per truck. If you need more, we can utilize multiple trucks and/or make multiple trips depending upon the scope of work. If the job is larger, we can stage material at the job site and continuously make concrete, 24/7, with our volumetric concrete mixer.

What if the Job Requires More Concrete than Ordered?

When you work with Modern Concrete & Materials, you only pay for the concrete that you use. So, while we often have extra materials onboard to make additional concrete, consider ordering an extra half yard upfront to ensure you are not coming up short.

How Many Yards Can Each Mobile Concrete Mixer Truck Carry?

On average, Modern Concrete & Materials mobile mixer trucks can carry 10 yards, but this will depend upon how heavy the truck is loaded.

Is It Worth Stressing Over Hot Loads?

Absolutely not. In fact, we never have hot loads because at Modern Concrete & Materials we make fresh concrete with volumetric concrete mixer trucks at the job site. No exceptions.

What If the Project Needs 100+ Yards of Concrete?

No sweat! Our largest monolithic pour to date is over 600 yards. A common misconception is that volumetric mixers can only be used for small pours. Call us today to discuss your project!

How Much Does One Yard of Concrete Cover?

At 4 inches deep, one cubic yard of concrete is needed for approximately every 80 square feet of surface area. If the concrete is deeper or thicker, however, more concrete will be required to cover the same area.

Is Fast Setting, HES Concrete Weaker Than Normal Concrete?

No! Our fast setting, high early strength (HES) concrete mixes are designed to reach 4,000 PSI at 28 days. Just because the concrete sets up faster does not mean it will be weaker.

Why is Soil Stabilization Important?

Construction requires solid ground! If the soil is too wet, weak, or fine, it can present a major challenge. Modifying the soil with a stabilized sand mix design reduces its plasticity, aids in compaction, and increases its strength to support roadways, pipelines, and the like.

What is the service area of Modern Concrete & Materials?

Modern Concrete & Materials is committed to servicing the Golden Triangle, including Beaumont, Port Arthur, Orange, and surrounding areas, but we will be happy to discuss concrete pours for any forthcoming projects outside of our general service area.

Do I Need To Worry About “Truck Time?”

No! A huge advantage of working with Modern Concrete & Materials is you will get as much truck time as you need. Since the concrete is mixed onsite, the concrete never gets old, and we are not up against the clock, whether it is for a job with a longer completion time or jobs that require multiple stops. Call us at (409) 842-2100 to discuss how we charge for these types of jobs.