Environmentally Conscious Approach to Concrete

Environmental sustainability is a contentious subject when it comes to the concrete industry. At Modern Concrete & Materials, we have taken steps to minimize our carbon footprint by investing in volumetric concrete mixer trucks versus traditional ready-mix trucks that, unfortunately, contribute millions of cubic yards of ready-mix waste to plants each year.

Unlike ready-mix trucks, volumetric mixer trucks (mobile mixers) enable us to create mix designs and pour concrete fresh, at the job site, on demand with the touch of a button with unparalleled precision. That means every single rock or grain of sand is used to make the required amount of concrete for the job. There is no excess concrete and no waste leading to mountains of concrete washout piles, just the Earth’s natural resources being used as efficiently as possible.

Meanwhile, with the “needed materials” guesswork removed, we are able to save our customers an average of 10% on their orders compared to what they would pay had they contracted with a ready-mix concrete supplier. Extending these savings to our customers is great, but the real savings are equally significant and sustainable: every pour with Modern Concrete & Materials averages 10% fewer CO2 emissions and waste compared to that of a ready-mix truck.