Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Can You Deliver

We can deliver 1 to 10 yards of concrete per truck. If you need more, we can utilize multiple trucks and/or make multiple trips. If you have large jobs, we can stage material at the job site and continuously make concrete, 24/7.

What If I Need More Than I Ordered

We often times have extra materials on board in order to make extra concrete if you need more than you ordered. Since you only pay for what you use, you might consider ordering an extra half yard. Call us to discuss.

What About Hot Loads

We never have hot loads because we make concrete fresh, at the job site.

What Are The Truck Specs

  • Production rate at 3,000 psi is about 60 yards per hour
  • Normal truck capacity is 10 yards
  • Body width is 90 inches
  • Body height is 137 inches
  • Auger Swing is 170 degrees
  • Auger Reach - 2 chutes is 17 feet

What If I Need 100 Yards Or More

We can do what is called a "Continuous Pour". That is a situation where we stage the raw materials at the job site. Then we start creating the concrete. As we run low of the raw materials to make concrete, we replenish them without removing our trucks from the job site. Using this method, one truck can pour about 60 yards per hour. If you need more, we can put two or three trucks on the job creating up to 180 yards per hour.